The SwitcheRoo - Baby nest

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Say Hello to your NEW happy helper – Baby Jalebi’s SwitcheRoo.

This is your baby's first convertible.

It is ideal for transitioning into a bed when your little one is ready.

  • Not only does it help settle baby more easily it also reduces the risk of falling out of bed.
  • The SwitcheRoo exterior cover is made from GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Keeping in mind all the customer feedback we have received over the past years since the launch of our Bed in a bag, we are SO excited to introduce The SwitcheRoo.
  • Our latest sleep station has been made keeping the first year of a baby’s life in mind.
  • The SwitcheRoo easily converts from a place of sleep or rest to a tummy time mat, to a bed in a bag back to a SwitcheRoo and even a cot minimiser.

+ Creates a safe, secure and comfortable space for your baby while co – sleeping.
The switcheroo easily folds into a bag, it’s lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to carry along as a travel bed


  • Mattress – 18 inches wide x 34 inches long (with Switcheroo bumper 32 inches)
  • Outer (inclusive of bumper) – 23 inches x 38 inches
  • SwitcheRoo removable bumper – 16 inches round, 103 inches long
  • Removable Baby bolsters – 8.5 inches long x 9.5 inches circumference (each)
  • Composition
    • Cover fabric GOTS certified organic cotton
    • Tube filling- Poly fibre
    • Mattress pad foam
  • You can avoid having to wash the nest often by using our waterproof mat (Rs.699) 
  • When required, unzip the bolster tube and remove the mattress cover for
  • The cover can be easily removed and washed. 
  • The mattress pad itself rarely needs washing, shaking and sun drying is enough. 
  • Bolster Tube: Machine wash cold,lay flat to dry 
  • Mattress Cover Machine wash cold, hang to dry 
  • Mattress Pad - Do not wash. Wipe clean, air dry in strong sun. 
  • Do not bleach, use mild detergents and do not use any temperatures above 30°C as this will ruin the organic cotton. 
  • Make sure that any stains are properly dried as damp spots on products may allow mould to develop.
  • Place your baby in the SwitcheRoo on a flat hard and stable surface, make sure not to place it on the edge of any surface. Always in the middle. 
  • Never leave your sleeping baby without supervision. 
  • Make sure to place you baby in the middle of the SwitcheRoo away from the bumper sides. 
  • Tummy time must always be supervised 
  • Incase the baby is swaddled, please ensure the swaddles sides do not come undone or untucked and in the baby’s way. 
  • Do not leave any toys, pillows blankets or other loose items in the SwitcheRoo. 
  • Check regularly for damaged seams and similar, damages must be fixed immediately 
  • When it comes to your baby, you know best. Trust your gut and do what you think is correct. Exercise caution, keep common sense on your side, always be aware of baby even when baby is sleeping. 
  • Baby Jalebi cannot be held responsible for the misuse or mismanagement of the Switcheroo. Use with care and follow basic safety guidelines.